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La Dimora Selections takes its name from the Italian phrase La Dimora, which translates to The Home. An exclusive and timeless selection of handcrafted luxury home décor objects meticulously homegrown in contemporary India.

Our every homeware object is a symphony of exquisite design carved for modern luxury living via a fusion of in-house local artisanal talent, manufacturing capabilities and global inspiration - embodying our commitment to celebrate the creative expressions of our master artisans, firmly rooted in Indian origins.

Our mission is to redefine luxury in contemporary décor living spaces by innovating, detailing and embodying the design elements through artisanship. We believe in converging high intrinsic quality with unparalleled design alongside the ultimate consumer experience.

Elemental Essence:


Our incorporation of Wood is a tribute to the beauty of nature, grounding us in the Earth's natural energy. Each piece embodies the strength and resilience of forests, reminding us of the harmony between humans and nature.


Our use of Glass represents clarity and transparency, like continuously flowing water. Each glass element adds elegance and light to any space, creating a shimmering beauty that pleases the eye.


Our use of Metal pays tribute to the elements of Fire and Air, symbolizing transformation and freedom. Every metal piece is a testament to human creativity and innovation, adding a touch of sophistication to our creations.



Our use of Marble represents the minimalistic and enigmatic nature of the space and pays tribute to the natural strength and elegance.





La Dimora Selections Monogram™ is an amalgamation of two shapes:

The first shape is a square that reflects practicality and neatness. It signifies contemporary design and functionality, which aligns with the modern idea of less is more. Additionally, it represents La Dimora Selections being a global brand, with the square representing the four cardinal directions - North, South, East and West.

The second shape is an ellipse, which signifies evolution. It denotes the environmental connection and represents the five elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each element represents the connection between the environment and the creation of our every product.